Organization Type
Non-Governmental Organization
3505 Robinsons Equitable Tower
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City
Metro Manila
+632 6311042

Clean Air Asia

Clean Air Asia is an international non-governmental organization that catalyzes action for clean air and livable cities in Asia. We work with government agencies and cities in Asia, private sector and development agencies to provide leadership and technical knowledge in 4 core programs, namely, Air Quality and Climate Change, Green Freight and Logistics, Low Emissions Urban Development, and the Clean Fuels and Vehicles. Our Clean Fuels and Vehicle program recognizes the role of electro-mobility in bringing cleaner air into Asian cities.


  1. Clean Air Asia, with support from the CCAC, is working in Vietnam and Bangladesh to assist in establishing green freight programs and to support related green freight activities.
  2. Clean Air Asia, through its country offices, are supporting existing country-level platforms on green freight such as China Green Freight Initiative and the India Green Freight Working Group.
  3. Clean Air Asia is committed in promoting the concept of green freight programs in the region and in supporting the establishment of new green freight programs with the support of our country networks.