Objectif CO2 (France)

Objectif CO2 is a green freight initiative to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport operators (carriers and shippers for their own-account fleet). The program was developed in 2008 by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) and ADEME (public agency for the Environment and Energy Management), in collaboration with all the professional organizations in the field of road freight transport. This voluntary CO2 emissions reduction program includes a Charter of commitment to progress and a Label to underscore and highlight results.

In the framework of a Charter of commitments, transport companies pledge to work towards an overall CO2 emissions reduction goal over a period of three years. They establish the baseline CO2 emissions for their fleet based on the current fuel consumption, number of vehicles, distance, tonnage carried… The companies identify specific actions to implement based on a guideline document (action forms) provided by the Objectif CO2 program.  Then they commit to implementing a personalized actions plan that includes at least one measure in each of four areas: vehicle, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and logistic measures (organization of transport flows).

The label is awarded to companies that reach a high performance level in terms of CO2 emissions. This label enhances the company’s image with suppliers and customers. It is awarded on the basis of an independent audit conducted to verify data and the level of environmental performance (CO2 emissions). Performance is measured on the basis of the European HBEFA (HandBook of Emission Factors for Road Transport) reference data, which include data for the French vehicle fleet. The label is valid for three years.

Both the Charter of commitments and the Label are administered via the online platform, www.objectifco2.fr. The companies have to report their data into it annually.

The Objectif CO2 program is the only national mechanism in France that offers an overall reference framework and guidance on CO2 emissions reductions to freight transport companies. It has already attracted over 1,200 road transport companies since its inception in December 2008.  

For more information please contact Gérald Lalevée: gerald.lalevee@ademe.fr 


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France’s Public Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)
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Objectif CO2