Transporte Limpio (Mexico)

The Transporte Limpio initiative in Mexico is a nation-wide, free, voluntary program created in 2010 by the SEMARNAT (Secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources) and the SCT (Secretary of Communications and Transport) to make freight and passenger
transport more efficient, lower costs, and reduce emissions. The program has three types of participants: truck carriers, shippers, and technology vendors. Goals are achieved through strategies and technologies that reduce fuel consumption. Some of the measures promoted by Transporte Limpio include training operators in technical-economic driving (eco-driving), improving the aerodynamics of trailer truck and trailers, energy diagnostics, reduction of empty kilometers traveled, single-wide and low-rolling-resistance tires, automatic tire inflation systems, usage of lightweight materials, advanced lubricants, alternative fuels such as natural gas, retrofit emissions control devices, intermodal operations, and use of hybrid vehicles. 

Leading Organization Name: 
Mexico's Secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)
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Transporte Limpio