FRET21 (France)

On the occasion of the global Business & Climate summit, the French Shippers’Council launched a program called “FRET21 – THE SHIPPERS PLEDGE” an initiative that aims to reduce freight transport’s impact on the environment which has been built with the French Environmental Agency (ADEME) and the support of Ségolène Royal, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

10 companies (Air Products, Carrefour, Coca Cola Entreprise, Ferrero, Fleury Michon, Hénaff, Orrion  Chemicals  Orgaform,  Placoplatre (Groupe Saint Gobain) SCA and now Renault)  have thus committed themselves to reducing, over a period of three years, GHG emissions generated by their transport of goods.

With a target of 1,000 signatory companies by 2020, “FRET21” will complement the “Objectif CO2 - The Transport Companies Pledge” initiative for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions conducted over the last six years by road hauliers.

The “FRET21” initiative aims to encourage businesses acting as shippers to better integrate  transportation’s impact  into their sustainable development strategy. Every business involved in FRET 21 will sign an agreement with the ADEME in which it will specify a CO2  emissions reduction goal and will pledge to undertake actions in order to achieve it.

All companies are concerned, whatever their size and activities. From now until 2020, 1,000 enterprises could be involved into the initiative, creating a 0.4 million ton reduction in CO2 emissions. “FRET21” should thus meaningfully contribute to expected efforts to reduce 2020 transport emissions to 1990 levels.

The signatory company can implement different types of actions, divided into four axes

loading ratio: optimization of palletized loads, and of delivery conditions; reduction in empty runs, pooled supply management …
distance traveled: optimization of site positioning, of production allocation and of clients…
means of transport: selection and optimization of road vehicles, use of alternative routes
purchasing services: taking into account CO2  performance transport solution information when choosing transport companies

A new stage in the reduction of merchandise transport impact

”FRET21- The shippers Pledge” is a continuation of the “Objectif CO2, Transporters Pledge” initiative launched by the Minister of Ecology and the ADEME in 2008, through which  more than  1,000  road transport companies of goods and passengers pledged to reduce GHG emissions of their activity . With almost 100,000 vehicles involved (about 18% of heavy goods vehicles in France), this effort has reduced CO2 production by more than a million tons since 2009.


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