Consultants can provide expert services in the development of green freight program components that require complex and highly specialized skills.

Consulting groups have specialized industry knowledge and can assist with various activities in green freight program development and implementation, such as in the development of emission accounting tools for partners, database development and management, development of a brand strategy, strategic communications and marketing of green freight programs, and even in capacity-building of partners and affiliates. Shippers and carriers may also hire consultants for identifying specific areas for improving efficiencies and reducing emissions, or in analyzing the costs and benefits of actions towards greening their vehicle fleet and operations. Consultants can also serve on advisory committees and provide their clients and partners with strategic advice on adapting to the changing demands of the economy, markets, businesses, shippers, and customers.

Consulting groups and individuals are essentially business enterprises and need to develop a strong niche, expand and sustain client relationships by establishing trust, in order to continue business. Consultants need access to information, but would conversely need to work in an atmosphere of confidentiality. Differences in platforms (e.g. reporting formats) may also present a challenge to consultants and can constrain data-sharing across programs. To address this, green freight programs are more aligned with each other, especially in terms of the level of transparency and data security as well as an agreed platform.