Third-Party Technology Manufacturer

Third-party technology manufacturers produce technologies for the automotive companies, shippers or fleet owners that reduce emissions and fuel consumption of the freight sector, including aerodynamic technologies, low-rolling resistance tires, and idle reduction and selective catalytic reduction technologies.

Technology manufacturers are responsible for development of fuel- and emission-efficient devices that improve the fuel efficiencies of and/or reduce emissions from freight vehicles. These technologies could include idle reduction technologies, aerodynamic technologies, low-rolling resistance tires, low viscosity lubricants, weight reduction, extended trailer capacity, emission retrofit technologies, among others. These technologies are required to ensure compliance of existing regulations and for truck operators to improve fuel efficiency of vehicles. Essentially, the third-party technology manufacturers supply devices or retrofit technologies to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who can then influence the demand for greener technologies as a result of their offerings in the market. Green freight programs can benefit from the interactions with these technology manufacturers as the partners are constantly on the look for technologies that can improve their vehicles’ efficiencies and lower their emissions.

Third-party technology manufacturers face challenges brought about by skepticism of the market in terms of the claims relating to the impacts of these technologies brought about by limited information dissemination about the applicability of such technologies as well as the lack of appropriate mechanisms for verifying these technologies.  Technology verification can be integrated into a green freight program and would allow third-party technology providers to subject their technologies and validate the impacts. Information about the impacts of tested technologies can be disseminated under the green freight program itself to assist in the diffusion of effective technologies.