Consider Whether Joining or Partnering with Another Program Makes Sense

Green freight program leaders in one country may choose to partner with or join green freight programs in another. This approach offers many advantages, such as:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) partners with U.S. EPA to implement SmartWay in Canada. To complement NRCan’s FleetSmart program, which specializes in driver education and training, in 2012, NRCan adopted SmartWay to help speed up the deployment of innovative technologies throughout its freight industry.

  • Resource Efficiencies and Savings. Joining or partnering with another program means minimal time and resources need to be devoted to creating tools, methodologies, and marketing materials of your own. Aside from adapting tools to local conditions (and languages), this will free up resources for recruiting members and providing more added-value services.
  • Harmonized Data Collection Methodologies, Tools, and Metrics. Using tools and methodologies from another program provides the advantage of being able to quickly and easily aggregate and analyze member data across programs. This makes it easier to calculate and present program results.
  • Value to Members. Shippers and carriers who operate across countries and continents will appreciate the efficiencies associated with expanding their involvement into a new country using the tools, metrics, and parameters already in place for their operations in another country or region.
  • Larger Member Base. By partnering or joining an existing program, your country may have immediate access to a pool of members from the host program.
  • Faster Program Development. Because many of the program elements have already been developed, launched, tested, and tailored by the host program, adopting countries can quickly implement elements once they join the program. Logos, member tools, informational resources, and marketing materials are all immediately available once a new country arranges to join an existing program.