Develop Member Resources

Members benefit from having access to additional resources, including finance and benefit calculators, driver training, and benchmarking reports. As your program resources permit, take time to create these resources for members to meet their data and informational needs.

Finance and Benefit Calculators. Financial calculators can help truck owners compare the costs and estimate fuel saving associated with various efficiency technologies. For example:

Driver Training. Driver training programs can increase driver skills, knowledge, and performance to help companies save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, training drivers to drive 90 km/hr instead of 105 can save 20 percent on fuel and driving with the engine revolutions per minute (rpm) too high can waste several liters of fuel each hour. Other common habits that reduce fuel economy are frequent or improper shifting, too rapid acceleration, too frequent stops and starts, taking circuitous routes, and idling.

Benchmarking Reports. Benchmarking reports provide members with standard reports to review mass emissions and performance metrics. These reports can include tables and graphs that illustrate fuel and cost savings across multiple reporting periods. For example:

Other Information. Shippers and freight carriers may need additional information on a variety of topics, such as technical background documents on fuel efficiency and emissions control strategies, financing opportunities, and marketing. Consider developing a “Member Resources” page on your website to make this information readily available.