Find and Recruit New Members

Your program needs members to succeed. Look for companies with positive reputations both with industry and the public. Make sure that the company will be committed to meeting and supporting your program’s goals.

Use these sales and marketing strategies for finding new members:

  • Network. Ask pilot program members, industry experts, and companies participating in other programs if they know of potential members or individuals who might be interested in joining. 
  • Use Industry Resources. Find prospects in industry trade publications or on popular lists, such as a “most sustainable companies” list. Pursue likely candidates.
  • Develop New Strategic Relationships. Find industry associations and get involved with them to meet new prospects. Association contacts, members, and stakeholders all could be potential members.
  • Attend Conferences and Events. Find and attend events that are relevant, such as trade shows and shipper and carrier conferences, to promote your program and raise your visibility among peers. Hand out and display your program marketing materials. Network with other attendees and exhibitors.
  • Hold Face-to-Face Meetings. If your budget allows, schedule face-to-face meetings with prospective members following an event where an introduction was made, phone call, or third-party introduction.
  • Places Phone Calls to Those Whom You May Not Know Well and Direct Mailings
    • If you can secure contact information for prospects, try sending a direct mailing and/or calling directly (even if you have never met them personally).
    • Place follow-up calls shortly after your mailing is scheduled to arrive, and reference the letter early in the conversation.
    • For best results, if you are reaching out to an association, make sure it endorses your program first before asking for help in identifying prospective members.