Launch Program Tools and Finance Program

Your members will quickly need access to the program tools that you have developed, such as the data input tool. And the program administrators will need to house benchmarking data and member contact information in the database. So do not delay in launching all of the program tools. For each, make sure you have conducted beta testing and quality control checks and that all users have received adequate training. Put security measures and back up procedures in place to protect your tools and they data they contain.

A finance program can be important to your program because many companies lack adequate capital to invest in innovative green freight technologies, so by providing affordable capital, your finance program can incentivize companies to pursue green practices. (For more information on developing a finance program, see Create Program.)

As you launch the central components of your green freight program, include information about your finance program. Make sure that prospective members know and understand the financial resources you are offering. This will help remove an important barrier to participation: high upfront costs of green freight technologies. Feature your finance program as an important piece of the larger green freight program in your program materials, as part of your marketing activities, and during the inaugural launch event.