Train Member Account Managers

Member account managers (AMs) are an essential component of your program’s member or customer service strategy. AMs serve as both program consultants and customer service representatives who specifically focus on assisting members with questions and maintaining their positive standing in the program. Consider assigning AMs with these duties:

  • Provide Assistance With Paperwork and Reporting. When members join the program, have AMs make contact with members to welcome them into the program. AMs should clearly explain the program, its goals, deadlines, and data submission guidelines to the members.
  • Support the Program Helpline and Email Mailbox. AMs will receive many questions and inquiries from new and prospective members, industry associations, media, and the public. An efficient way to handle these inquiries is to have AMs receive training on how to respond and then set up a dedicated phone helpline and email mailbox that they can staff continuously.
  • Assist Members in Program Implementation and Cultivate Relationships. AMs need to engage with members often to help them develop and achieve their goals or milestones. Have AMs serve as the primary point of contact for members. They will then create strong relationships with their members from the start, and this relationship will become an invaluable piece of the member’s program experience.
  • Provide Marketing Assistance. Have AMs assist members with their marketing efforts. They can assist with developing press releases, writing and reviewing promotional articles and materials, and offering suggestions on logo usage and placement.
  • Add Value by Collecting Feedback From Members. AMs are a in a good position to receive feedback from members about their overall experience as well as specific feedback on the program’s tools, services, and materials, which can be used to strengthen the program and its elements. Once AMs understand their roles and are fully trained, assign them to members. These assignments can be made using a number of factors, such as industry or region. Once the program is fully established and the processes become automated, an AM can easily manage dozens of members at the same time.