Fuel Efficiency

E-tools for Fuel Efficiency

Simulation tools that will help calculate a fleet’s fuel consumption and develop a fuel management plan

Greening your operations

Tips on fuel-saving behaviours and technologies for shippers and carriers.

Objectif CO2 Action Forms

Download action forms for fleet efficiency actions as part of the Objectif CO2 green freight program.

Advanced Tractor-Trailer Efficiency Technology Potential in the 2020–2030 Timeframe

Assesses the potential of various efficiency technologies to improve tractor-trailer efficiency in long-haul applications, 2020–2030.


Comprehensive information on energy and environmental regulations in the transport sector, with a focus on emissions and fuels.

Track Testing for SmartWay Verification

Track testing is a method for measuring fuel economy performance with full-scale vehicles and technologies in controlled conditions. For the EPA SmartWay Program, a modified version of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1321 Track Test procedure is used to assess the fuel savings of certain aerodynamic trailer technologies. These protocols use closed tracks that can accommodate tractor-trailers at highway speeds.