World Bank Logistics Performance Index

The LPI is an interactive website that compares and examines the realtive performance on trade logistics for 160 countries.

The World of Smart Freight

An interactive map of Smart Freight initiatives, associations, and leading institutes.


In 2015 COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, will, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies

Provides a closely harmonized basis for the calculation of emissions from freight transport chains across modes and global regions.

Green freight programs and technology verification

The ICCT's Green Freight Tech Overview document examines current green freight programs. It analyzes them based on categories including data collection, best practices, technological acheivement, and branding. It also explains why research and testing new technologies is key to advancing green freight programs, and makes suggestions for future research.

WTO International Trade Statistics 2013

This World Trade Organization publication includes highly aggregated economic data on trade indicators.

IPCC Fifth Assessment

Trend data on transportation/freight activity, intensity emissions, and control opportunities by mode at the global and regional level.