Green Freight

Green freight programs and technology verification

The ICCT's Green Freight Tech Overview document examines current green freight programs. It analyzes them based on categories including data collection, best practices, technological acheivement, and branding. It also explains why research and testing new technologies is key to advancing green freight programs, and makes suggestions for future research.

Why Green Freight?

The freight sector—trucks, trains, marine vessels, airplanes, and other modes—provides a vital service delivering foods, goods, and resources. But the movement of freight also affects our economies, communities, and local and global environments in profound ways. Moreover, the freight sector is growing: more freight, weighing more, is being moved by more modes farther and faster with each passing decade. As globalization, urbanization, and global economies continue to expand, the freight sector will too, consuming more fuel and releasing harmful emissions.

How to Develop a Green Freight Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource Manual

Published by the EPA's Smartway program, this resource explains how any group—governmental or NGO—can set up a green freight program.