North America

VERGE Transport 2018

The VERGE Transport conference brings together vehicle manufacturers, government and policy makers, transportation service suppliers, energy producers and infrastructure providers to explore the emerging technologies and partnerships that will enable a clean, efficient transportation system accessible to all.

Sustainable Freight: Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions, Discussion Document

Actions that respond to ARB’s direction to identify, prioritize, and recommend measures/actions to meet air quality and climate needs.

Trucking Efficiency

Aims to double the efficiency of the North American trucking fleet by eliminating barriers to information, demand, and supply.

SmartWay Shipper Tool

Smartway Partner tools are released on an annual basis. The Shipper Tool contains everything you need to register for SmartWay and maintain your status as a Partner in good standing. The tool contains guidance on each page to help you submit your tool, including screen demos and definitions. This screen also contains user guides and worksheets for added support.