On the way to zero-emission heavy-duty transport in Europe: Technological opportunities and need for action

This event offers a high-level discussion on how European countries are working to shift to zero-emission heavy-duty transport.

The Future of Trucks - Implications for Energy and the Environment

The road freight sector is both a key enabler of economic activity and a key source of energy demand, in particular oil. Trucks rely almost exclusively on oil-based fuels. They are the second largest source of global oil demand, following passenger cars and at a similar level as the entire industry sector. Road freight is the largest source of global diesel demand, at around half of the global total. With this high dependency of trucks on oil come environmental concerns.

Freight Best Practice Guide

A series of guides and case studies that can help save fuel, reduce emissions and increase safety.

Advanced Tractor-Trailer Efficiency Technology Potential in the 2020–2030 Timeframe

Assesses the potential of various efficiency technologies to improve tractor-trailer efficiency in long-haul applications, 2020–2030.

Challenges and Opportunities for an Environmentally Sustainable Road Freight Sector in Asia

Provides an introductory overview of road freight issues in Asia with an emphasis on environmental impacts. It also identifies challenges and opportunities to reduce emissions and improve efficiency in this sector.

The State of Clean Transport Policy: A 2014 Synthesis of Vehicle and Fuel Policy Developments

Synopsizes national and international regulations intended to control air pollution from vehicles and fuels across 11 vehicle markets.

SmartWay Verified Technologies List

A list of technologies that provide fuel savings and/or emission reducing benefits when used properly in their designed applications.

FleetSmart Energy Efficient Driving

Information on how energy-efficient vehicles and business practices can cut operating costs, reduce emissions, and improve productivity.