On the way to zero-emission heavy-duty transport in Europe: Technological opportunities and need for action

This event offers a high-level discussion on how European countries are working to shift to zero-emission heavy-duty transport.

VERGE Transport 2018

The VERGE Transport conference brings together vehicle manufacturers, government and policy makers, transportation service suppliers, energy producers and infrastructure providers to explore the emerging technologies and partnerships that will enable a clean, efficient transportation system accessible to all.

The Future of Trucks - Implications for Energy and the Environment

The road freight sector is both a key enabler of economic activity and a key source of energy demand, in particular oil. Trucks rely almost exclusively on oil-based fuels. They are the second largest source of global oil demand, following passenger cars and at a similar level as the entire industry sector. Road freight is the largest source of global diesel demand, at around half of the global total. With this high dependency of trucks on oil come environmental concerns.

Advanced Tractor-Trailer Efficiency Technology Potential in the 2020–2030 Timeframe

Assesses the potential of various efficiency technologies to improve tractor-trailer efficiency in long-haul applications, 2020–2030.

SmartWay Verified Technologies List

A list of technologies that provide fuel savings and/or emission reducing benefits when used properly in their designed applications.


An online information service that covers technical and business information on diesel engines, emissions, fuels, and other technologies. 

Global Green Freight Action Plan - Technical Background

Accompanies the action plan and explains the science and mathematics behind the technology and procedures involved in green freight. 

Green freight programs and technology verification

The ICCT's Green Freight Tech Overview document examines current green freight programs. It analyzes them based on categories including data collection, best practices, technological acheivement, and branding. It also explains why research and testing new technologies is key to advancing green freight programs, and makes suggestions for future research.

Trucking Efficiency

Aims to double the efficiency of the North American trucking fleet by eliminating barriers to information, demand, and supply.

Track Testing for SmartWay Verification

Track testing is a method for measuring fuel economy performance with full-scale vehicles and technologies in controlled conditions. For the EPA SmartWay Program, a modified version of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1321 Track Test procedure is used to assess the fuel savings of certain aerodynamic trailer technologies. These protocols use closed tracks that can accommodate tractor-trailers at highway speeds.