Stakeholders Want Green Freight

Freight programs benefit a range of stakeholders in the freight sector and beyond. As the benefits are becoming more widely known, support from these stakeholders continues to grow.

Many stakeholders in the freight sector benefit directly from green freight programs:

  • Government. Government agencies charged with stimulating economic growth, protecting public health and environmental resources all recognize the co-benefits of a more efficient freight sector. They support green freight programs to improve air quality and benefit communities, stimulate economic development and the growth and health of private enterprises, and contribute to greenhouse gas reduction goals.
  • Private Sector. Companies all over the world and across many industries are now reporting on their carbon emissions and climate risk exposure as the result of pressure from customers, shareholders, lenders, insurers, and others. As they report, they need accurate, transparent carbon data from their supply chain, something green freight programs can provide. Companies with access to shipper performance data can make greener decisions about shipping modes and also select higher performing carrier companies. They can also use their participation in a green freight program to enhance their reputation for sustainability. Technology manufacturers benefit from green freight programs because they create and expand markets for their technologies.
  • Civil Society. Civil society advocates for those who typically do not benefit from private sector growth or traditional positions of authority. They support green freight programs because green freight can help improve local air quality and reduce health impacts among the economically disadvantaged, stimulate economic development and job growth in the local freight sector, and even help make roads safer and less congested. Green freight programs can generate important data and become firsthand sources of information for universities and researchers studying various aspects of the freight industry, such as current practices and environmental impacts.
  • Financing Institutions. Financing institutions seek proven strategies and programs that will likely deliver a return on investment. Green freight programs offer them opportunities to fund projects that not only deliver environmental results but also have a track record as sound financial investments.

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